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A few months back I heard David Petrillo from Coffee Jouliesexplain how he was able to use explainer videos to raise over $300,000 from nearly 5,000 backers. According to Petrillo, one of the main reasons for his success was having a compelling explainer video. And it didn’t cost him an arm and a leg either – Petrillo hired a videographer using Craigslist. Here is what they came up with:

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According to Kickstarter “projects with explainer videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%)” and they’re “by far the best way to get a feel for the emotions, motivations, and character of a project”. So how do you make sure your video is a success? For starters, follow these 5 must read tips for creating your first Kickstarter video.

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1. Be yourself

Kickstarter is all about community. In most cases, people are funding you as much as they’re funding your project. They want to see you, hear your passion, and get excited with you. Viewers also want to make sure you seem competent and trustworthy. When you’re on camera, bring all the energy you can muster, have fun, and smile often.

2. Keep it snappy

If you haven’t noticed, most people have short attention spans these days, like 8 seconds short. Most viewers aren’t going to sit through a 5 minute sales video to figure out if they want to back you or not. You have 10 seconds or less to hook the viewer and convince them that your sales video is worth finishing and your project is worth investing in.

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